Patrick J. O’Leary, President

Patrick O’Leary is the founder and president of DRIVE Sales and Marketing, a cutting-edge manufacturers’ rep agency that specializes in growing sales, profitability, and maintaining brand integrity at automotive aftermarket Retailers, WD’s, and buying Groups.

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Before creating DRIVE Sales and Marketing, Patrick served, for nearly a decade, as Director of Development for another Memphis based start-up, rep agency. He excelled at establishing new relationships and growing sales, for world-class manufacturers such as: LUCAS Oil, FDP Brakes, Griot’s Garage, Santech-Omega, AUS Injectors, ProKing, WeatherTech, Yankee Candle, STONER, Shurtech Tape brands, Cleva North America, and Ventamatic.

Patrick has extensive experience in both developing and growing vendors’ programs at all automotive aftermarket segments (retailers, wd’s, buying groups). His presentation of data driven facts has allowed both vendors and customers to maximize product-program efficiency/profitability, new market penetration, and sustain differentiation.

Patrick’s background in operations, a logistics degree from the University of Tennessee, and 3 years with JB Hunt Transportation Inc., as a Dedicated Contract Executive for Proctor & Gamble, Home Depot and Target.  Has also been a valuable asset to his manufacturers and customers. The best in practice supply chain management tools he’s brought to his manufacturers and customers have saved time, space and money.

In addition to growing sales, maintaining brand integrity and sustaining differentiation for vendors and customers, Patrick is committed to several automotive aftermarket industry associations.  He is an active member of the AutoCare Association. Was voted into the Industry’s Manufacturers’ Rep Council in September of 2019, Has been a YANG (Young AutoCare Network Group) Member since it’s conception in January of 2014.  He has actively participated in numerous industry Networking functions, and most recently Hosted YANG’s regional meet-up in Memphis, TN, which was one of the largest attended YANG Regional Meet-Ups to date.

Patrick’s always furthering DRIVE’s engagement and growth in the automotive aftermarket industry. And continues to look for the right opportunities to lend his experience and learn from other leaders. He's passionate about doing what's right for the business and developing long lasting mutually beneficial relationships.